Children’s Line

800 20 66 56 (toll-free telephone number)

On workdays, at 9:30am to 17:30pm

(There is a voice mail system outsider these hours)

What is the Children’s Line purpose?

The Children’s Line is a toll-free telephone number specially aimed to deal with the problems of children and youth at risk or in danger. This telephone line provides help and information in various situations such as ill-treatment or abuse, negligence, abandonment and learning difficulties. Issues regarding lawsuits of paternal responsibilities and visiting arrangements are also answered through this medium.

How the Children’s Line works?

The Ombudsman’s staff provides personalized information, in an informal and prompt way. If the case justifies it, they can refer the situation to the competent entities (for example, to the local Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People) and contact with other institutions (such as schools if, in particular, there is a problem concerning the right to education).

To illustrate the work of the Children’s Line, here are two examples:

Case 1

A relative of a 6 year old child contacted the Children’s Line to inform that she lived with her mother and with her mother’s companion, who was a drug addict. He was very aggressive and the child wanted to live with other family member, but her mother did not report the situation due to fear of reprisals. The Children’s Line informed the Social Security services and spoke to the child’s mother. Mother and daughter were then admitted in a shelter house.

Case 2

The mother of a 7 year old child communicated to the Children’s Line that a special education teacher yelled at her students, having even beaten in complainant’s son. The Children’s Line contacted with the School Group Director, alerting him to the situation. Sometime after, the child’s mother reported that the school started to be more attentive and it had opened an investigation.

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