Portuguese Ombudsman selected by EU for project to strengthen Turkish counterpart

The Portuguese Ombudsman was selected by the European Union (EU) for a twinning project for the technical training of the Turkish Ombudsman.

The project is part of the general objective of strengthening the rule of law in Turkey and aims to develop the capacity of the Ombudsman, and the Ombudsman’s institution, to uphold fundamental rights, prosecute complaints against violations of human rights and guarantee of independence vis-à-vis political power. The institution in Turkey was founded in 2012 and is elected by the National Assembly.

The project will be developed during the year 2019, through the relocation of personnel of the Portuguese Ombudsman to Ankara for training purposes in the areas of complaint processing, urban planning, energy and environment law, banking law, local administration, security and justice, civil service, social security, education, migration, refugees, minorities, women, children and the elderly, transparency and communication.

 At the end of the project, a study trip will be organized by the Ombudsman of Turkey and his closest collaborators to Portugal, in order to follow the work of the Portuguese Ombudsman and discuss issues related to the Ombudsman’s role in promoting Human Rights and its independence and neutrality.


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