Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI)

The Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) is an international association founded in 1993 that brings together National Human Rights Institutions from all over the world, grouped into four regions – Africa, America, Europe and Asia and the Pacific.

This organization’s mission is to assess compliance of National Human Rights Institutions with the Paris Principles, through a process of accreditation and re-accreditation that can result three classifications: A (fully compliant), B (some non-conforming aspects) and C (non-compliant). The GANHRI includes as voting members Institutions accredited with A status as non-voting members and the institutions with accredited status B.

In addition to sharing knowledge, information and comments on various issues relating to human rights, cooperation in the GANHRI framework comprises the participation in the annual general meetings and the biennial international conference, as well as other regional meetings or in specialized work groups.

Alongside the geographical framework adopted by the GANHRI, other meetings and initiatives are emerging as a result of the cooperation perspectives and stream-lined projects developed, at every moment, by the National Human Rights Institutions.

To learn more about the human rights system of the GANHRI, visit here its website.

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