“Democracy and Independent Justice”: Ombudsman participates in the World Law Congress

The rule of law as guarantor of freedom and democracy will be the focus of debate at the World Law Congress, which will meet in Madrid on February 19 and 20.

Organized by the World Association of Jurists (WJA), the event was convened under the motto "Constitution, democracy and freedom" and will be attended by the Ombudsman, Maria Lúcia Amaral, who will speak on the panel dedicated to the theme "Democracy and Independent Justice".

Over the course of two days, the world’s top lawmakers, accompanied by politicians, journalists, business leaders and leaders of religious communities from 67 countries on five continents, will look at the transformations, challenges and opportunities of our societies, defending the rule of law as the world’s only guarantee of fundamental rights and freedoms, and a world ruled by law, not by force.

In the year that marks the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution, at the close of the Congress the World Peace and Freedom Prize will be awarded to King Felipe VI of Spain, representing the Spanish democratic institutions and their commitment to the rule of law. On that occasion, the Congress will also be attended by the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

This award from the World Jurists Association, a non-governmental organization special consultative body of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, has been awarded to three personalities: Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Rene Cassin.
To access the program and the list of participants in the Congress click here.



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