Centro Educativo dos Olivais [Olivais Educational Centre]

Date: 2017-05-18
Type: CE
Follow-up of the Recommendations no. 2/2016/MNP and no. 4/2016/NPM
Designation of family doctor to all the young people;
Scheduling of specialty queries (v.g., pedo-psychiatry and stomatology).
Follow-up of the Recommendation no. 3/2016/NPM
The steps taken by the Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services for the preparation of the Emergency Plan;
Possible practical effects resulting from the creation of an interministerial working group (Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Health) to study the provision of health care for all young people in situations of deprivation of liberty;
Verification of the habitability conditions of the accommodation spaces;
 Creation of visiting spaces in the residential units;
 Access of young people, interned in closed regime, to the outdoor sports facilities;
 Composition of the menus.
Follow-up of the Recommendations no. 5/2016/NPM e no. 6/2016/NPM
Investigating the existence and regularity of visits by judicial magistrates and the Public Ministry.