Centro Educativo Padre António Oliveira [Educational Centre Padre António Oliveira]

Date: 2017-03-23
Type: CE
Follow-up of the Recommendation no. 3/2016/MNP, analyzing:
a) The steps taken by the Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services for the preparation of the Emergency Plan, the installation of fire safety mechanisms and accessibility;
b) Possible practical effects resulting from the creation of an interministerial working group (Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Health) to study the provision of health care for all young people in situations of deprivation of liberty;
c) The adaptation of the sanitary facilities for the young woman;
d) The conditions of use of the isolation room and the practical effects of the recently issued guidance on this matter by the General Directorate for Reintegration and Prison Services;
e) Work to improve the living conditions of the isolation rooms.
Follow-up of the recommendations no. 5/2016/MNP and no. 6/2016/MNP, investigating the existence and regularity of visits by judicial magistrates and the Public Ministry


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