EN327: Ombudsman recommends changes to national road to ensure safety of residents

The Ombudsman has sent a recommendation to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A. that, as a matter of urgency, appropriate measures should be considered and implemented to ensure the safety of anyone who might wish to cross EN327.

The recommendation follows a request by the Ombudsman to intervene concerning the situation of two octogenarians who are in danger of being run over on EN327, in Macieira de Sarnes, Oliveira de Azeméis, whenever they enter and leave their residence.

These elderly citizens reside at EN327 No. 790 (at km10,122) and the gate that is the only access to their dwelling is located near the steep curve, with very low visibility for pedestrians and motorists alike.

To read the recommendation [in Portuguese] click here.


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