Ombudsman / NPM recommends maximum term for stay of foreigners alone in detention facilities in airports

The Ombudsman, acting as head of the National Mechanism for the Prevention (MNP) of Torture and Mistreatment, addressed a recommendation to the Immigrants and Borders Service (SEF) to avoid situations of excessive isolation of persons detained in temporary installation facilities in airports, while awaiting the decision to enter the country.

The Ombudsman’s recommendation calls on the SEF to establish, after a maximum of seven days in detention, a systematic mechanism for the transfer to the Santo António Housing Unit (UHSA) of unaccompanied foreigners who are deprived of their liberty in order to avoid situations of excessive isolation. The same provision already applies in the case of detention in EECIT of minors under 16 accompanied.

UHSA in Oporto is currently the only temporary installation center for foreigners/asylum seekers with adequate housing conditions and legal, social, medical and psychological support.

To read the full recommendation (in Portuguese only), click here.