Ombudsman participates in webinar on the use of European funds during the pandemic to support older people and people with disabilities

The Ombudsman participated, through her Cabinet Adviser Patrícia Fragoso Martins, in the webinar promoted by the European Network of Ombudsmen dedicated to “Institutional care, the use of EU funds and lessons from the pandemic”.

The event took place on 15 September and was organized following the enquiry promoted by the European Ombudsman on the use of European funds and the promotion of the right of the elderly and people with disabilities to an autonomous life.

The webinar was attended by the Ombudsman of the European Union and a representative of the European Commission, and enabled Member States to debate and share their experiences in this area. The Portuguese Ombudsman had the opportunity to share his contribution to the strategic enquiry, together with his counterparts from the Czech Republic and the Basque Country.