Ombudsman recommends urgent measures to speed up the issuing of multipurpose attestations

The issuing or revalidation of medical certificates of multipurpose incapacity has experienced very significant delays. This conclusion was the basis of a recommendation addressed last February by the Ombudsman to the Government, with proposals that are still under analysis.

The outbreak of the pandemic has made this situation much worse. The public health doctors, who generally composed the medical boards to issue these certificates, were called upon to perform more urgent tasks and the suspension of the operation of the medical boards was accompanied by safeguard measures that were found not to meet the needs.

Given the number and content of complaints that she continues to receive, and given the scenario of unpredictability in relation to the forthcoming course of the pandemic, the Ombudsman decided to address the Minister of Health once again, formulating a new recommendation based on two urgent measures, extraordinary and transitory, on the extension of the validity of certificates in the process of renewal and on cancer patients now diagnosed.

The text of this second recommendation can be read here.