The detention of migrant children in Portugal – concerns and recommendations

On World Children’s Day, the Ombudsman was represented at the meeting on alternatives to the administrative detention of migrant children in Portugal, organised in Lisbon by IOM – International Organisation for Migration (the United Nations Migration Agency), by the Coordinator of the National Preventive Mechanism, Miguel Feldmann, who presented a communication entitled “The National Preventive Mechanism and the detention of migrant children in Portugal – concerns and recommendations” [in Portuguese only].

The event was also attended by the Director General of Justice Policy, members of the cabinets of the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Internal Administration and the Secretary of State for Equality and Migration, as well as representatives of the Directorate General of Foreign Policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Social Security Institute and the High Commission for Migrations.

Miguel Feldmann and Inês Viterbo (left) from the NPM – National Preventive Mechanism (left) attended the meeting on behalf of the Ombudsman.

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