The Ombudsman’s Office publishes a comprehensive report and recommendations on public services in the aftermath of the pandemic

Difficulties related to the service provided by public services have long been the subject of the Ombudsman’s attention. However, the pandemic of 2020 and 2021 and the need to confine the population have profoundly changed existing practices, and, after the health emergency, many doubts and complaints have arisen about how the channels between public services and citizens are being resumed.

In this context, the Ombudsman’s Office carried out an analysis of public service practices at the end of 2023, which included unannounced field visits. The analysis made it possible to draw up a set of 25 recommendations on eight major areas that cover customer service, specifically around information for citizens, waiting times and the organisation of face-to-face service.

“Although it is not up to the Ombudsman to establish the specific model of relationship between each public service and its citizens, there are basic principles that must be respected in all cases. The openness, accessibility and transparency of public services are true constitutional requirements, and it is also important to bear in mind that an ‘open door’ administration is synonymous with the indispensable presence of the State in the territory,” emphasises the Ombudsman, Maria Lúcia Amaral.

To read the report’s Executive Summary [in Portuguese only], click here.

To access the Full Report [in Portuguese only], click here.

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