UN Committee on the Rights of the Child approves recommendations for Portugal

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has just published its recommendations following the conclusion of the assessment cycle on compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child by Portugal.

The Ombudsman hopes that the Recommendations approved by the Committee will provide an incentive for the design of strategies and the implementation of actions to achieve a greater degree of promotion and protection of children’s rights.

The Ombudsman welcomes the fact that many of her recommendations have been endorsed by the UN Committee. In particular, the realization of the right of the child to be heard and the consideration of the best interests of the child by all State agents and in all decisions that may affect them; safeguarding the right to keep in touch with both parents following divorce or separation; the reinforcement of measures to reconcile family and professional life; the adoption of effective deinstitutionalization measures for children; the adoption of measures to combat and prevent sexual abuse; school support for children with disabilities; ensuring access to family doctor and mental health care and ensuring adequate housing for all children. It also underlined, following the concerns expressed by the Ombudsman, the need to end the detention of migrant children.

To access the UN Committee recommendations, click here.

To read the alternative report produced by the Ombudsman, click here.

In Portugal, the Ombudsman is also the National Human Rights Institution, being responsible for promoting and defending human rights and ensuring that the Portuguese State complies with the international conventions it has signed in this area.