AUTO and IVAucher. Ombudsman warns of difficulties in access to the programs that should be corrected in the future

At the end of the Auto and IVAucher programs, the Ombudsman sent a letter to the Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, alerting to the receipt of various complaints in relation to both programs, in particular in relation to difficulties in access to the benefits granted by these programs due to reasons beyond the responsibility of taxpayers.

Amongst the most frequent complaints received over the lifetime of the respective programs were the requirement to hold a bank account and use bank cards; the impossibility of accessing the benefit if the trader/fuel station had not joined the IVAucher and AUTOvoucher, respectively; the impossibility of accessing the benefits if the bank the taxpayer was a client of had not joined; and the need to indicate an e-mail address and mobile telephone number.

In view of the complaints received, many citizens will have found themselves unable to access these benefits for reasons beyond their control and in relation to which they were unable to intervene. The form found until last April for the concession of the financial subsidy destined to face the increase in fuel prices did not allow all consumers to have access to it under equal conditions. In future situations of the same nature, it will be crucial to ensure that the concession of this type of support obeys a more equitable and less bureaucratic process.

To read the letter sent to the Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs click here [in Portuguese only].


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