Centro Educativo da Bela Vista [Bela Vista Educational Centre]

Date: 2017-06-06
Type: CE
Follow-up of the Recommendations no. 2/2016/MNP and no. 4/2016/NPM, analyzing:
Designation of family doctor to all the young people;
Scheduling of specialty queries (v.g., pedo-psychiatry and stomatology);
Implementation of the «intensive supervision period» and «post-admission monitoring»;
Possible practical effects resulting from the creation of an interministerial working group (Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Health) to study the provision of health care for all young people in situations of deprivation of liberty;
Follow-up of the Recommendation no. 3/2016/NPM
The procedures undertaken in case of fire, evacuation plans and accessibility;
Verify the installation of toilets in the isolation room
The composition of the menus and the variety of the meals, as well as their number and quantity.
Follow-up of the Recommendations no. 5/2016/NPM e no. 6/2016/NPM
Investigating the existence and regularity of visits by judicial magistrates and the Public Ministry.