National Preventive Mechanism addressed a recommendation to the Hospital of Barreiro Montijo

The National Preventive Mechanism, following a visit to the Psychiatric Internment Unit of the Hospital Barreiro Montijo, held on December 15th of 2016, addressed a recommendation to its Chairperson of the Board, in which was recommended the adoption of a specific and autonomous register concerning the application of restrictive measures in patients admitted to the hospital, as well as a medication protocol ("SOS") in the absence of a doctor.
The National Preventive Mechanism – function that was committed to the Portuguese Ombudsman in 2013 – has the mission of promoting and defending the human rights of persons deprived of their liberty, preventing the practice of acts that could be considered as torture or ill-treatment. For this purpose, this autonomous body carries out regular and periodic visits to places of detention, such as prisons, police detention areas and psychiatric hospitals. Since the effective beginning of its activity, the National Mechanism of Prevention has made 122 visits.
The Portuguese version of the Recommendation No. 1/2017/MNP can be read here.