National Preventive Mechanism addressed recommendations to the National Director of the Public Security Police

The National Prevention Mechanism, following the visits made to the Musgueira Police Station and to the Benfica Division of the National Public Security Police, on March 28th and 29th, addressed two recommendations to the National Director of this institution.
The National Prevention Mechanism recommended measures to ensure the immediate access of this entity to the interior of the institutions, as well as those that may be relevant to improve the detention places, citizen’s assistance, Police officers work and premises for seized goods deposit. Other recommended aspects were, the provision of medical care and food to citizens who are deprived of their freedom. The same occurred with instructions issued, in case of prison cells absence or being occupied, detainees can be immediately taken to police establishments that can accommodate them and, equally, underlined the importance of keeping records updated.
The National Prevention Mechanism role was given to the Ombudsman to prevent torture, ill-treatment and other forms of behavior that, regardless of their denomination, may be offensive to the fundamental rights of those who are deprived or limited in their freedom. To this end, regular and unannounced visits are made to places of detention, such as prisons, educational centers and police cells.
The recommendation n. 15/2017/MNP can be consulted here.
The recommendation n. 16/2017/MNP can be consulted here.

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