Ombudsman participates in the Annual Conference of the IOI and takes office in the Directorate of the European Region and on the International Board of the Institute

The Ombudsman, Maria Lúcia Amaral, attended the General Assembly, the International Board meeting and then the Annual Conference of the IOI – International Ombudsman Institute, which took place between 25 and 27 May in Dublin (remotely).

The General Assembly was marked by the inauguration of the new members of the governing bodies of this international organisation, including the Ombudsman of Portugal. Maria Lúcia Amaral was elected to the Board of the European Region and, simultaneously, to the International Board.

The 12th Annual Conference of the IOI took place between 26 and 27 May, under the theme “Giving Voice to the Voiceless”. The conference was attended by Ombudsmen from around the world, with the Portuguese Ombudsman intervening in the Workshop on “Prisoners/Ombudsman in the OPCAT” with a paper entitled “The Portuguese Ombudsman as The National Prevention Mechanism”.

Established in 1978, the IOI – International Ombudsman Institute is the only global organisation for ombudsman cooperation. Its members include not only the Ombudsmen (institutional members) but also other persons or agencies which, while not holding this capacity, are interested or involved in related activities (associate members). In addition to meetings and initiatives of worldwide scope, there are decentralised activities throughout six Regions – including Europe, where the Portuguese Ombudsman is located.

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