Ombudsman publishes the”Pandemic Notebooks”

The Ombudsman’s Office is publishing a small collection entitled “Pandemic Notebooks”, three studies on the extraordinary times we live in. The first focuses on the general topic of education and collects information that was obtained during the first phase of suspension of classroom classes that took place in 2020. The second focuses on homelessness and covers roughly the same period of time. The third reflects on rule of law problems and covers what was happening between March 2020 and April 2021.

“None of these studies claim to have the exhaustiveness and rigor that befits work that others will undertake; but neither do any of them claim to report on what has been, during the pandemic period, the Ombudsman’s response to complaints made by citizens. As always happens and as the law requires, this last task will have to be fulfilled through an annual report to be delivered to the Assembly of the Republic. By publishing these notebooks, the Ombudsman simply wished to contribute – within his possibilities and in relation to three specific subjects – to a better understanding of a very singular moment in our collective life, and aware of the challenges that this moment has brought and continues to bring to our mission to safeguard human rights”, the Ombudsman, Maria Lúcia Amaral, states.
To read the three “Pandemic Notebooks” [in Portuguese only], click below:

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