Ombudsman’s Office releases a report and recommendations on the system for issuing medical certificates of multipurpose incapacity

The medical certificate of multipurpose incapacity (AMIM) is today a central document in access to a series of rights granted to people with a certain degree of incapacity (generally equal to or greater than 60%), which derive from the State’s duty to promote and protect the fundamental rights of those who are in a situation of physical or mental disadvantage.

Over the last five years, the Ombudsman’s Office has received around a thousand and a half complaints about AMIM and has issued several recommendations to remedy the difficulties reported – and noted. Despite the progress made, there are still a number of unresolved problems in the system for assessing the incapacity of people with disabilities, as well as considerable delays in issuing certificates.

It is these problems that motivate this report, which aims to systematize the Ombudsman’s concerns, namely with regard to the recovery of backlogs, tax benefits, social support, the AMIM model and some particular situations in need of attention.

To read the report, click here [in Portuguese only].

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