Public schools. Ombudsman calls the Ministry of Education’s attention to the impasse in the regularization of specialized training technicians

The Ombudsman drew the attention of the Secretary of State for Education to the need to conclude the regularization process of specialized technicians who guarantee training activities in state schools.

After examining several complaints, it was noted that, despite the Extraordinary Regularization Program for Temporary Contracts in the Public Administration (PREVPAP) having begun in 2017, many trainers in schools, who were recognized as meeting permanent public needs, are still awaiting the launch of tenders that will enable them to conclude contracts for an indefinite period of time. And, unlike what happened with the majority of other specialized technicians in schools, they remain in a precarious employment situation, with fixed-term contracts of annual duration.

These technicians work as trainers, for example in adult education and training courses (EFA courses) and in professional courses taught in public schools.

The letter addressed to the Secretary of State for Education can be read here [in Portuguese only]

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