Teachers. Ombudsman recommends approval of a new protection and mobility regime for teachers during illness

The Ombudsman sent a Recommendation to the Government to promote approval of a new and appropriate regime of protection for teachers during illness, that includes the possibility of adapting the teaching load and functions exercised to the respective state of health.

Regarding the system of teachers’ mobility due to illness, it was also recommended that the list of illnesses that allow mobility be revised and updated, and that a solution be found to prevent teachers from being penalised for the current delays in issuing multi-use medical certificates (AMIM).

The Recommendation arises in the wake of the many complaints received regarding the mobility regime due to illness and the consultation made with the Government in October 2022 on this matter, which did not receive a response.

With this initiative, the Ombudsman hopes that the recommendations will be taken into account by the Government in the scope of the negotiations underway with the Unions on various aspects of the teaching profession regime, and that they may already have an effect on the next tender for mobility through illness for the 2023/2024 school year.

To read the full Recommendation, click here [in Portuguese only].

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