Alcântara pedestrian crossing. Ombudsman requests Lisbon City Council to guarantee universal accessibility

The Ombudsman addressed a recommendation to Lisbon City Council so that urgent measures are adopted to guarantee universal access to the Alcântara underground pedestrian passage.

The recommendation was formulated after numerous complaints were received regarding the lack of accessibility and the deficient conditions of salubriousness, safety and hygiene of the underground pedestrian passage that serves the Alcântara-Mar railway station and crosses Avenida Brasília and Avenida da Índia.

The Ombudsman highlighted the difficulties felt by citizens with limited mobility, given that, in the absence of ramps or mechanical elevation devices, access to the passage is made via stairs, which constitute an obstacle that is difficult to overcome for persons in wheelchairs, elderly persons or those transporting baby pushchairs.

To read the full recommendation click here [in Portuguese only].

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