Informal carer. Ombudsman welcomes regulation of the Statute and support for carers and persons being cared for

The Ombudsman welcomes the publication of Regulatory Decree no. 2022, of 10 January, which extended the scope of application of the Informal Carers Statute (ECI) to the entire national territory, establishing the terms and conditions for its recognition, as well as support measures for informal carers and persons being cared for

Last November, the Ombudsman had sent a letter to the Secretary of State for Social Action to draw attention to the need for urgent approval of the regulation in question, stating that several complaints had been received regarding the delay in the specific regulation of support measures for informal caregivers, particularly with regard to the attribution of support allowances for informal caregivers living in municipalities not covered by the pilot projects.

Created in 2019, the ECI was initially limited to 30 municipalities that developed, on an experimental basis and with a duration of 12 months, pilot projects with the aim of, after evaluation, allowing the improvement of the specific regulation and the extension to the entire national territory.