Mitigation of the effects of inflation. Ombudsman publishes report on measures adopted by the Government

The Ombudsman’s Office has been receiving a significant number of complaints regarding various aspects of the measures adopted, since September 2022, in the context of mitigating the effects of inflation.

The analysis and resolution of these complaints allowed the acquisition of vast information regarding the practical application of the measures, as well as the revelation of some problems of conception and articulation of the regimes that approved them.

In this context, the Ombudsman’s Office prepared a brief thematic report, which it sent to the Government on 8 May. Here it is pointed out, namely, the lack of clarity of the transitional regime for updating pensions; inaccuracies in defining the recipients of the measures; the lack of provision for unseizability of financial support.

The study was carried out with the dual purpose of presenting a survey of the insufficiencies and difficulties that citizens and the services themselves are faced with in this matter, and of helping to avoid the repetition of some constraints detected in the design of possible future measures.

To read the report click here [in Portuguese only].

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