Public Services Portal. Ombudsman welcomes rapid correction of information on accumulation of retirement and salaried work

The Ombudsman welcomes the rapid collaboration of the Agency for Administrative Modernization in correcting an inaccuracy contained in the Public Services Portal, in relation to continued employment after retirement.

It was stated there that “After retiring, you can also continue working. And you don’t have to pay social security contributions”, which does not correspond, strictly speaking, to all possible situations. In fact, in the case of employees who continue to work in this capacity after retirement, there is an obligation to pay a monthly contribution to Social Security, although at a reduced rate, both for the employer and for the employee. The exemption from Social Security contributions only applies to pensioners who continue to work as independent workers.

The information on the portal now includes the indication that “After retiring, you can also continue working,” and additional information can be found on the Social Security portal.

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