Security Forces. Ombudsperson warns Government against the collection of undue charges and failure to deliver proof of denunciation to citizens

The Ombudsperson addressed a Recommendation to the Minister of Internal Administration, drawing attention to the collection of undue charges by the security forces and renewing her appeal for a definitive solution to the lack of delivery of proof of payment for denunciations made by citizens.

Through the complaints that continue to be received in this regard, it was verified that there are no uniform procedures within the same Security Force – a situation which, if not promptly corrected, makes administrative action unpredictable.

The Ombudsperson also considers that charging citizens with the payment of a fee for the issue of a certificate of denunciation constitutes an illegal and unfair practice.

On the other hand, the Ombudsperson considers that the value of the fee charged by the security forces for issue of certificates/photocopies of traffic accident reports is disproportionate, and reiterated to the Government the need to conclude the process of revising Administrative Rule no. 1334-C/2010, of 31 December. In this context, the exemption of fees related to functional declarations for competition purposes is also expected.

The text of the Recommendation can be read here [in Portuguese only].

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