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Content type: News
Delays in conducting medical examinations. Ombudsman warns of the urgent need to extend the validity of medical certificates for multiple disabilities that have expired due to lack of response from the State

The Ombudsman informed the Secretary of State for Health on receipt of various complaints from citizens holding medical certificates for multiple disabilities (AMIM) whose validity had expired on 31st December 2022, despite having requested re-examination of their situation in due time. The situation is due to the persistent delay in scheduling a medical committee, and covers people who had requested…

Content type: News
Law 26/2020. Ombudsman requests review by the Constitutional Court

The Ombudsman submitted a request to the Constitutional Court to review the constitutionality of articles 10, no. 2, 13, no. 4 and 14, no. 1 of Law no. 26/2020 of 21 July. Transposing a European directive, the aforementioned law establishes the obligation to communicate to the Tax and Customs Authority certain internal or cross-border mechanisms with tax relevance.The request addressed…

Content type: News
Informal Carers’ Card. Ombudsman welcomes announcement of extended validity

The Ombudsman welcomes the intention communicated to her by the Executive Council of the Social Security Institute (ISS) to extend the validity of the informal carers ID card to one year. The current period of validity of the card is only three months, and it is true that among the approximately 11,000 informal carers already recognised, there are those who…

Content type: News
European Parliament elections. Ombudsman heard by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees

The Ombudsman, Maria Lúcia Amaral, attended the hearing requested by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees as part of the specialised discussion of Bill 560/XV (PSD) and the other legislative initiatives under consideration – PPL 91/XV/1 (GOV) and Bill 826/XV/1.ª (PAN) – on the elections to the European Parliament: You can access the video of the hearing…

Content type: News
Authentication of documents. Ombudsman’s Office suggests that parish councils offer citizens an alternative to using the white stamp

The Ombudsman’s Office has suggested that parish councils offer citizens an alternative to the use of the white stamp as a means of authenticating certifying documents signed by the respective presidents, namely certificates of residence or economic situation. The recommendation came about following a complaint in which it was found that citizens may find it impossible to use these documents…

Content type: News
Universal Periodic Review (2024). Ombudsman submits report on the human rights situation in Portugal

In the exercise of its mandate as the National Human Rights Institution (NHRI), in April the Ombudsman submitted the alternative report with a view to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) to which the Portuguese state will be subject at the end of 2024. Recognised as an accredited NHRI with A status, in full compliance with the Paris Principles, the Ombudsman…

Content type: News
Ombudsman recommends that the Order of Nurses amend its Disciplinary Regulations

The Ombudsman has sent a recommendation to the Order of Nurses to amend its Disciplinary Regulations, in order to remove the prohibition on the presence of a lawyer when witnesses are examined in disciplinary proceedings. To read the Recommendation, click here [in Portuguese only].

Content type: News
Portuguese Ombudsperson participated in the General Assembly and Annual Conference of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions

The Portuguese Ombudsperson, Maria Lúcia Amaral, and the Deputy Ombudsman, Ravi Afonso Pereira, participated in the General Assembly and Annual Conference of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI), that took place between 14 and 16 March, in Geneva, on the occasion of the commemorations of the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the…

Content type: News
Ombudsperson receives visit from the president of Turkey’s INDH

The Ombudsperson, Maria Lúcia Amaral, received on 19 April a visit from a delegation of the Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey (HREIT) led by its president, Muharrem Kiliç. The visit was intended to allow the exchange of experience and good practices, particularly in the function of National Preventive Mechanism that both institutions ensure in their respective countries.

Content type: News
Business and Human Rights. Deputy Ombudsman re-elected as Europe’s representative to the GANHRI Working Group

The Deputy Ombudsman, Teresa Anjinho, was re-elected to continue representing Europe in the Working Group on Business and Human Rights of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI). On the proposal of the Portuguese Ombudsman, the re-election of Teresa Anjinho, by the members of the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI), took place on the sidelines…


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